Monday, August 23, 2010

Fluxx Capacitor or The First Table Top Game Review

Go Fluxx Yourself

Recently I have taken up the table top card game Fluxx published by Looney Labs. The game is a game without a point or real end game, like Minecraft and it is just as addictive. The game begins with the simple rules of "Draw a card, Play a card". As the game progresses, however, there will be rules added on to the stack as well as an end game goal or two. Here the players must keep all the piling rules in mind, although they will be represented on the table, while trying to reach the goal and screwing up their opponents. This game is an ADHD fiasco with some elements of strategy and comboing along with fast paced laughs.

Fluxx comes in 6 different varieties: The original (as pictured above), Martian Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx, EcoFluxx (for those of us who love to go green), Family Fluxx (for those with spastic children), and Monty Python Fluxx.

There are also expansions for the game, however, with the game being $15 the $7+ you would pay for an expansion of 1-7 cards and a not too fancy wooden deck box is outrageous. The only one worth the money is The Flamethrower for Zombie Fluxx, here you get 6 new zombie creepers (cards that prevent their owner from winning the game) and a Flamethrower that can kill off creepers and it is only a couple of bucks.
Other than that, Loony Labs offers special promo cards which are $1-$2 each depending on release and supply.

Braaaaaaains...I mean Draaaaaaw caaaaaard.
Overall though, the game is fun and very enjoyable, especially with a larger group of people, it's also good on group date nights when you don't want to hear about cute shoes and wedding plans. Great for casual table topping any time and real easy on the wallet if you stick to one of the base sets - personally I suggest either original Fluxx (now on version 4.0) or Zombie Fluxx, but that may just be because I love anything with zombies in it. Whatever your Fluxx poison may be, enjoy the game, I know I sure do.

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